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2.0.4 acting as a server?


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Hey guys,

I just installed utorrent 2.0.4 + PeerBlock 1.0 on a brand new server I am setting up. While configuring both programs, I noticed something strange - that my utorrent was sending and receiving data, while there were no torrents queued at all. I put this down to just 'background radiation' or utorrent picking up traffic that wasn't destined to it until I opened Peerblock and checked the history. There are numerous entries of AP2P connections, with the source being my local IP and my utorrent port.

Now, I thought this might mean that utorrent may act as a server for others to download utorrent aswell, hence why AP2P companies can listen in and find who is using the software. Upset as I was at this revelation, I scanned the FAQs, Help files and even these forums looking for an answer, but as of yet I am still in the dark. I notice a few others posting on here who are experiencing the same issue, but nobody seems to have come up with an answer.

Screenshots on request, please don't make me change clients as I have been a loyal utorrent user for many years


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