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What do I put in the "LABEL" feild?


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I tried to search for the answer to this/these question(s), but had no luck. Although I have been using UTorrent for a couple years now, I am NEWER than a "NEWBIE" when it comes to creating & uploading Torrents to btjunkie. I felt that "just seeding" wasn't ENOUGH, & I needed to do MORE for the community, than just seed the files I download. So please bare with me, as I have a few questions, that to many here may seem "STUPID" or wasting your time. If that's the case, let me apologize in advance. ALSO, I have been a member of THIS FORUM for about 90 seconds at the time that I began this post!

1) When creating a torrent for uploading, what am I supposed to put in the "LABEL" field?

2) What can I do to increase the chances of the community downloading one of MY CREATIONS?

3) If I become successful at providing good quality files, & the community want to download my files if available, what can I do to PREVENT people from using MY NAME & MY STYLE to TRICK community members into downloading malicious or fake files? I see so many jerks trying to trick people into believing that they are (the con's) one of a handfull of well appreciated file providers, like axxo & others?

4) When I download a file from someone else, HOW LONG should I SEED the finished file, so that I can benefit from the advantages of seeding? I wish that I could seed the files for an unlimited time, but unfortunately, my hard drive size makes that task extremely IMPOSSIBLE! So when adjusting my UTorrent settings....Is seeding a file for 100% good enough, or should I increase that amount? Also in the same settings, how many MINUTES should I also put in for the seeding time?

5) Is it possible to RENAME a file that I am seeding (remove unwanted characters, but keep the movie title) without the program halting the seed because I made changes to the name?

6) Like I said, I am NEW to this, so I am not accustomed to any of the "MANNERS", "PROTOCOL", "INSULTS" & general "NO-NO'S" A.K.A "UNWRITTEN RULES" that SHOULD be adhered to, & followed, in order to show respect, & appreciation to other members of the community, but ESPECIALLY other FILE PROVIDERS! ------------> For example, I am the type of user that downloads files, then if those files are to my liking or my families liking, I burn a copy of the file, & in the past, I would then DELETE it from my system! That was how I operated, UNTILL, I educated myself a bit more on the community & it's needs. I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY to all of you who read this. I was uneducated on the protocol of sharing, & had the WRONG attitude of "No big deal, OTHER people are sharing this file or I wouldn't have got it, so it won't be a big deal to just delete it from my hard drive" Now instead of Deleting the file AFTER I have burned it, I seed it untill I have "GIVEN BACK" a tad more than 100% of that file. BUT, like I asked in a previous question HOW MUCH & HOW LONG should I "GIVE BACK" after completing MY DOWNLOAD? ANYWAY, the other day I was searching for a specific movie for my son, which he really wanted, BUT the only file(s) that I could locate, that had MOST of the parameters my son was looking for (Subs, language,Content etc....) were in a format that was not only unfamiliar to me, but was USELESS once burned, because the type of format was unplayable & unrecognized by my DVD players! Now the chances of ME being the ONLY member of the community with this problem are NON-EXISTANT, SO I decided to change the format of the original file(s) to .avi, so we could burn & watch the movies & as an unexpected bonus in all but ONE of the files the file SIZE decreased DRAMATICALLY, without a change in audio or video quality! In the OTHER file, the sizestill DECREASED, just not as drastically as the others! SO since .avi, is by all accounts STILL the preferred file type for 99% of the community, I decided to create .torrents for the newly formated movies, & UPLOAD THEM back onto btjunkie, which is where I got them. In doing so, I did NOT PRETEND to be the ORIGINAL file creator, & added a wordpad information blurb about EXACTLY what I did, & I also gave credit & thanks to the ORIGINAL UPLOADER, as well as the ORIGINAL site that the file came from. What I would like to know is this............. Did I do the RIGHT THING? or Should I have just left the file UNTOUCHED? Can someone please take the time to educate me on WHAT the PROPER ETIQUETTE is when altering someone elses submission, when your intentions are HONOURABLE, & meant to HELP the members of the community? I want to contribute more, & I see this as a way of at least helping out a bit.

7) FINALLY, I would like to thank all of you in advance, for not only being patient enough to read this post (BOOK), but for taking the time to answer my questions, whether you answered just 1 or all 6 of them. Not only do I appreciate any & ALL of the responses that I hope to get, but I am extremely open to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, as well as ANY & ALL SUGGESTIONS that you may have for a Rookie like myself! I'll save you guys the trouble of providing what undoubtedly would have been the most offered suggestion, & tell you that in the future, I will attempt to keep my posts as short as humanly possible! Contrary to what many of you may be thinking at this point.........I AM NOT trying to compete with the BIBLE for MOST WORDS contained within a "Writing" or in this case "Posting" Once again, I offer you a heart filled THANK YOU, & hope to become a regular CONTIBUTER, & valued member of the.......... "TORRENT" & "u Torrent"community! SINCERELY: "Keither"-------->A.K.A--------> "K.A.G"


Make Nice"

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1) a word that best represents the content.

2) give adequate description of the content, with links, samples, etc and post the same torrent to multiple sites.

3) nothing, except reporting fakes to moderators.

4) 100% is ok. but it's optimal to seed until the number of seeders are higher than leechers.

5) No, and make sure no other program touches the files that you are currently seeding.

6) be concise.

7) take it easy

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If you stop a torrent, you can rename files and tell the torrent the new filenames, (under FILES window/tab) force recheck the torrent...and then restart the torrent.

One "unwritten rule" is there's easily too much of a good thing.

Sharing LOTS of torrents can be as bad or worse than sharing nothing, because everything ends up fighting over your limited upload bandwidth. EACH torrent's upload slots should have at least 2 KiloBYTES/second upload speed, preferably 3-20 KiloBYTES/second upload speed. Beyond 20 KiloBYTES/second for each upload slot, other peers generally will not return the favor that quickly. This means if your total upload speed is 60 KiloBYTES/second, dividing that by 3 KiloBYTES/second per upload slot means 20 total upload slots *MAX*! Whether that's 5 torrents with 4 upload slots each or 10 torrents with 2 upload slots each matters little. Do note that uTorrent runs poorly if set to only 1 upload slot per torrent -- it will not favor those peers that have uploaded to you (tit-for-tat) like it should...and will also just plain IGNORE some/many peers because it can only upload to 1 peer at a time.

Likewise, more-is-not-better -- allowing over 50 connections per torrent will likely see only marginal speed improvements even on fast lines, barring ISP throttling and disruption (on your end or the other peers/seeds). This 50 connections per torrent ISN'T a limit created because of "bad networking", it's created because it's spreading bandwidth too thin -- basically cynically saying: "I don't care if I screw over 50+ connections, because I cannot possibly upload as much back to that many...I just want max download speeds for me only even if it does harm to the torrent swarm."

Worse, while seeding MUCH fewer connections are better -- like 10 per torrent! Almost nobody enjoys connecting to a seed that is set to connect to 100 peers at once but only upload to 1 at a time -- probably >70 peers (of the ~100 peers) will NEVER get anything from such a seed!

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