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How do I use uTorrent at college without getting caught?


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How can I use utorrent at school without getting caught?

In the past, students at my school have gotten caught using p2p. I've heard that's because my school's tech center monitors incoming and outgoing IPs.

What would allow me to use utorrent anonymously? I don't want the tech center to be able to trace back to my macbook.

I havent looked too much into Proxy settings on the mac version. I think that you can enable proxy for the pc version.

Thanks I really appreciate any help,


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Set it up on a co-located computer, whether that be at a local data center or on your parent's network, and use the web interface to manage files in conjunction with remote desktop. Other than that, I'm not real up-to-date on whether or not you could use it directly on your college's network without being found out as I just don't have to worry about that stuff personally.

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