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Question about Seeding...


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Just want to say thank you in advance to anyone who can offer some advice or point me towards somewhere I can learn more...

I'm using UTorrent 2.2 Beta (Build: 21738).

I have gone into my (linksys) router settings and forwarded a port for UTorrent and then I left the rest of the settings based on the recommended values that were suggested after running the connection settings wizard.

That all being said I would like to know if there is anything I can do to boost my seeding speeds because I have a hard time seeding back anything close to what I've downloaded. I have left torrents seeding for weeks on end and often times I can only get a ratio of 0.2-0.3, and when there is an upload rate it is usually under 2.0kbps.

I'm trying to learn more about the program, and as you can probably tell I'm a rookie with this stuff.

I'd love to get some more substantial seeding going on because a couple of my favorite sites aren't going to like me much longer if I don't start putting back more of what I've borrowed...

Thanks for reading.


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