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Can't get proxy to work


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I'm from New Zealand and all internet plans here have pretty low monthly data limits. I'm with a ISP who offers unlimited off peak data between 2am-8am so I do the majority of my torrenting at these times.

The Problem:

Between the hours of roughly 1am-9am I am unable to connect to 3 private trackers I am registered on (I'm only registered on 3 and none of them work). Most public trackers seem to work. But this means I am unable to download/upload through my private trackers during my off peak time which... sucks. It appears my ISP is actively blocking these private trackers to prevent downloading/uploading from them in the off peak period (I can connect to them fine outside of 1am-9am).

What I've done so far:

1. Run the scheduler at limited throughout the day and at full speed during off peak which kind of works except it stuffs up the amount I have downloaded/uploaded to the tracker and all my public torrents run during the day when I don't want them to. This is more a rough workaround than a fix and isn't ideal, I'm fearful of getting banned off my private trackers.

2. Tried to use a http proxy. Every tutorial I've looked at online to help me out I've followed and it hasn't worked...: E.g. Find a proxy site from an online proxy list such as proxy site www.youareanonymous.com from www.publicproxyservers.com, in uTorrent > Options > Preferences > Connection > Proxy Server set Type:http, Proxy:youareanonymous.com, Port:8080 and leave all the boxes below unchecked. This DOESN'T work for me ("Proxy connect error: offline (timed out)"), even adding http;//www. and variations in front of youareanonymous.com, using different proxy sites and using different proxy server types like SOCKS4 etc. The only way it looks like people can get this to work is by running some proxy application on the PC and getting a proxy address from that and using that in utorrent, if anyone has got it working like this can they tell me a good program to use? And does this mean all my web browsing will go through the proxy or will it only do that if I configure the browser to the proxy?

3. Tried using an application called Proxomitron which makes a local proxy server and can change the http header out for all http requests sent from a computer. This is supposed to solve this problem but when using this I get "Proxy Connect Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" which I think is private trackers actively refusing it cause the header is set to some old school opera client or equivalent instead of one of their whitelisted torrent applications is this correct?

Is there another better solution I should use?

Not every question in this post needs answering I just hope someone understands this and can post a working solution for me, it'd be great! Thanks.

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