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Torrent downloads at 2 KB/s


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I have been using uTorrent for a long time now, and it is a wonderful BitTorrent client.

Until I updated uTorrent to v2.0.4, I enjoyed a very good download speed of around 50-70 KB/s. Now, whenever I download anything using uTorrent, my speed is at 2KB/s! This is very frustrating compared to my earlier speeds. I have tried SpeedTest.net and it shows that my max. download speed is about 0.7 MB/s, thanks to Google DNS (my ISP is NIB - India).

But I have noted that when I download OpenOffice, my download speed is around 60KB/s. The torrent I'm currently downloading has 800 seeders in the swarm ~30 active ones, whereas OpenOffice has a total of 80 seeders and only ~10 active.

So I want to know whether the low download speed is because of the torrent I'm downloading, or is it something else?


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I had already tried Ultima's Guide.

After I posted my first post, I tried SpeedTest again and the download speed went up to 60KB/s again. But after half an hour or so, its back to 2KB/s.

My settings are OK for my connection. And I don't think my ISP is bad. I've a lot of friends who also have the same ISP and download speeds upto 100KB/s. So it should be the seeds/peers.

Any other way I can fix this, cause everything was perfect until I updated to 2.0.4? If I downgrade, I'll lose my 62% downloaded. Or is there another way?

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