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transparency? problem


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utorrent seems to have some trouble displaying text in pop-ups for me.


Also it has some transparency issues when for example i want to resize a column the mouse icon turns into a black square.

Any advice/solution would be welcome :P

Win xp pro sp2

Ati Radeon x800 se (latest drivers)

utorrent 1.4.2 beta (build 434)

Greetings, zwr

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I have the Same Problem. And i have more to add to this.

Textelements in the settinsdialog are invisible too. And since the default theme changed in some of the lastest betas the default trayicon is invisible.

I have found several ways to make the text visible again.

1.) Open the AddTorrent dialog.(Text displays again. But trayicon would stay invis.)

2.) Having a rss feed enabled.(Text will be visible automatically. Trayicon will stay invis)

3.) Having upnp port mapping enabled. (Text will show and trayicon will be visible) <- very weird

However none of the last 2 will make text in popups on programmstart visible wich is a bad thing since they prompt you with important information.

WinXP (up to date)

Patched uxtheme.dll and using winroll. That are the only reasons i could imagine beeing in charge of this happening.

Are there People out there with a patched uxtheme.dll and/or winroll who do/don't experience that problem? Please confirm.

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