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RSS Downloader - Multiple Episodes, Non-Specific Show


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I'm trying to put together a filter that will download the first episode of the first, second or third season (S01E01, S02E01, S03E01) of any show, in HDTV format. However,

I noticed that match the original filename doesn't seem to work as expected. Variations of *S01E01*|*S02E01*|*S03E01* in the Filter field, including entering only 1 string, such as *S01E01*, checking match original filename, produces no results.

When I enter an * in the Filter field, uncheck match original filename, check Episode Number and enter 1x01, there are results. Unfortunately, only 1 episode number can be specified this way. Also there's this:

I also noticed the Quality dropdown doesn't seem to work as expected. Selecting HDTV there are no results. Selecting ALL there are. Including HDTV.

Does anyone have a suggestion that would produce a single filter to perform the intended function?

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