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Size on disk - uTorrent or Windows problem?


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Hello, here's my problem.

I often start downloading large files with uTorrent even though I don't have enough HDD space at that moment, with the intent of later clearing up enough space. Until recently I had no problem with this - right click>properties on folders/files in Windows explorer would correctly distinguish 'size' (the final size) and 'size on disk' (the real, currently downloaded size). Now, however, as soon as at least a bit of the file has been downloaded 'size on disk' treats it as if the whole file has been downloaded. So I can only start downloads if I have exactly enough space, otherwise uTorrent warns me my memory is full in no time.

Is this some kind of change in the way uTorrent 2.0.4 does things? Cause I have uTorrent 1.8 running on another machine and it's working the way it's always worked. Or is this a Windows problem (XP Professional SP3)?

Thanks in advance.

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