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Auto renaming .torrent files to .loaded


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I got the latest beta the other day and now have a big problem. When I open utorrent it auto checks the c:\users\(name)\application data\roaming\utorrent folder for .torrent files. If they exist load them and auto rename them to .loaded. If I close out of utorrent with the torrent file still loaded/downloading/seeding and re-open it it throws the error cannot find the file. What was changed that is causing the torrent files to be auto renamed? Also, if I click on delete to remove a torrent from my list it does not delete the .loaded file nor .torrent file. After several days of this I am getting tired of having to run a script to rename then do a forced re-check of the torrents loaded to find the percent complete or seed before using it.

Can someone fix this?


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