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notorious error msg: utorrent seeking to read email on port 109


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The cable router (Linksys WRT54G) is

The subnet repeater (Linksys WRT160Nv3 with DD-WRT firmware) is

My computer, running XP SP3, is

I use webmail, so I want to blast pop mail out of the subnet: no ports 25, 109, 110.

I get an error message from Polipo (I guess), "One of your applications [when utorrent is the only app running], probably an email client, appears to be making a potentially unencrypted and unsafe connection to port 109."

I put this line in polipo.conf : allowedPorts = "1-24, 26-108, 111-65535"

but I still get the same error msg, so Polipo is not filtering out port 109 requests.

utorrent > Preferences > Connections > Listening Port > a static port # I selected for incoming connections

Random Port is not used.

"Enable port mapping for UPnP and NAT-PMP" are both checked.

"Add Windows Firewall exception" is checked.

I set Upload speed = 100kBps

In the subnet router (160), I plan to put under Port Forward:

Application: utorrent

Port From: the static port # I wrote at utorrent Listening Port (in the preceding ¶)

Protocol: Both (TCP & UDP)

IP Address: (my computer IP)

Port To: ?????

Enable: checked

What "Port To" number do I use for the subnet router (160)?

Do I need to create a second or "cascading" Port Forward for the cable router (54)?

Will this fix the "application making connection on port 109" error msg?

Will this fix the yellow warning in the utorrent tray about no incoming connections?

I suppose I have a long way to go setting this up, But downloads and uploads are working, except for the yellow warning in the utorrent tray... and the worrisome "application attempting to access port 109" error msg.

Thank you for any help you may offer.

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