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Seed While wird behavior (seeds too long)


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I have uTorrent v2.0.4 build 21586 on Windows XP.

I have a few torrents running, one of them fully downloaded and seeding.

The ratios is DL: 1000 MB UL: 780 MB

I opened the properties of this torrent and under Seed While I turned on

"Override default settings" and set:

- ratio is <= 105 %

- or seeding time (min) <= 0

I expected it to upload until 1050 MB and then stop, but a few hours later

it uploaded 1.88 GB and was still seeding.

Then I changed the minute value to 3 (I was guessing zero means infinite),

but that did not change anything.

Then I took another guess, that the percentage value is 100 + X, so I changed it to 55 %.

But no, it is still seeding.

Am I misunderstanding the meaning of those options?

Or I found a bug?



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And I remember having a similar conversation a while ago.

Still my opinion is:

If the user sets:

Override default settings


Seed while ratio is below X %

then I think the normal expectation is that when the ratio of that torrent reaches X %, it stops seeding.

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Yep, you have had this exact conversation before. Your expectation does not match the behavior as designed. Admittedly, the language is unclear, which is why it's going to be reworded in the future:


Indeed, since my last comment on the matter, I have pushed for and recommended changes, and this is the result: the current behavior (as intended) will remain, but it'll no longer be termed "seed while".

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The torrent won't automatically stop, as is the current behavior. Other torrents might simply take priority over that torrent (causing that torrent to be queued). The choice of "Minimum" as the operative word was deliberate, because it doesn't necessarily imply "stop after crossing".

And yes, I've already reminded Firon about the Properties dialog as well.

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But how i can automatically stop seeding after any big time (e.g. 20000 mins) even if no necessary ratio is reached (e.g. torrent is dead or not called-up) ?

See the user manual regarding queueing.

And how i can see the seeding time of a torrent? Can i do this generally?


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And if you're going to be ambiguous in your use of language, then don't -1 someone's post. All the more so if you're expecting people to excuse your self-proclaimed "bad English".

The manual describes exactly how you could make µTorrent ignore ratios, and go only by time. If you actually meant that you want to set a ratio, but also have a maximum time limit, then well, that's impossible as is. It has already been requested in various forms.

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