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green circle, low speed, need some help!


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there's my problem:

I just changed my windows xp to windows 7 32 pro (if that helps) and since then, utorrent is acting weird. At first, i installed the latest utorrent built, then I saw that my connections were strange, always getting the triangle and sometimes the red x, but spee was ok, but still find that strange so i worked a bit into my router settings, opened different port, but when i do the speed test, i keep getting the message of neither nat-pmp nor upnp is enabled, please blablabla....

sooo now after restarted the router and my pc, i have the green circle all the time, but my speed is ridiculously slow , hovering at 13 ko per sec.

My router is a dlink wbr-1310

any help would be gratefull :o

p-s: sorry for my bad english

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If you don't need them, disable both UPnP and NAT-PMP in uTorrent -- they can conflict with manually forwarded ports on your router.

1st and 2nd links in my signature for slow speed issues.

Also note your ISP (Bell ADSL ISP in Canada?) disrupts/throttles BitTorrent traffic at least part of the time in most of its areas.

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