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Force download no longer works


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I have just been upgraded to version 2.0.4, and I keep my torrents speed limited as I am on a puny 240 gig/month cap.

Now, after this upgrade, I went to force download a smaller torrent in order to make it bypass the speed limit I set, and it did absolutely nothing.

Please, could you guys tell me if this is a common problem?

I have been forced to pause the torrents I had on download, unlimit the speed, download that one, re-limit the speed, and unpause the others.

It is getting quite tedious, and seems highly unnecessary given that force download used to make it so easy :/

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around 50 are going, as I just tried it again.

I have a 50k upload limit (so that browsing is not affected), and a 1k download limit (so that quota is not used up)

Overheads on each put them ~2.5 over, but force downloading is still doing nothing, even when an item is #1 in the list, with high priority,

A friend of mine made a comment that he thought force downloading was essentially for queue jumping, and not for ignoring speed limits, and was pleased with this change.

Was he correct?

If so, an "ignore limits" function would be most appreciated, as all other torrent clients treat force download as ignore limits :/

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Seed only does not limit my seeding rate, and I would like it to be unlimited when we are not likely to be browsing.

If you do not mind my asking, why was that change made?

Every other torrent client has force download as a mode which bypasses speed limits...

It is easier to move a torrent up and down the queue than it is to pause everything, unlimit the speed, download a torrent and then relimit the speed...

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