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Wanted to ask some question utorrent


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HI I was wondering if someone could please answer some questions for me about utorrent.

I wanting to now are all the torrents free no charge to download?

Are all the torrents are they all legal and not illegal?

Is their anyway to tell wether a torrent is legal or illegal before I download the torrent?

Do all the torrents can they have viruses, worms, viruses with them?

Are their any security features built into the utorrent client?

Sorry for all the questions I have never used this software before or this website before.

thanks for the help

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I have been using uTorrent (Win7 -64bit) for four months with excellent results.Now torrent files will not open(no association with file type). Under preferences association button does not work. Teredo says to download but it won't. Have tried other bit clients with the same results. Twenty hours invested so far, please help.

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