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IRQ not less than or equal to bluescreen errors potentially solved...


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I have had this occur numerous times over the last year or so, and i was almost certain that it was a dll injection error/exploit, based upon the fact that it was happening on BRAND NEW computers that i maintain, as well as older machines. The odds that a new computer would have symptoms of device failure right out of the box, REGARDLESS of manufacturer, coupled with the fact that the error ONLY manifested when i ran uTorrent or a few other sharing clients i'd installed on clients machines, as well as my own gear, led me to believe what we now know from Moore and others in the IT Security/Vulnerability domains now make me certain this was the case. IT WAS NOT BAD CODE written by the coders at uTorrent and others, it's just the same old jackasses with nothing better to do than screw with other peoples' machines to feel superior. I recommend you patch your machines with the updates the uTorrent gang have released, as these fixes will bridge the gap until Microsoft release their fix/workaround, hopefully by Mid-September 2010.

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