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One thing I really miss today is to get µTorrent to behave as a true Mac application with the zoom button.

You know, the green plus button you use (in the current version) to maximize the window?

The zoom button is often mistaken by switchers and MS Windows users as a maximize button. That is not how it's designed.

In Mac OS X you use the zoom button to resize and adapt the window to the content and also to restore it to your previous set size.

If you compare how Finder works, you should get the idea on how it should work.

Open a Finder window, make it small and then press the green button; it adapts to the content. It does not, like Windows, maximize the window as it is not needed to fit the content.

You can also try this; open Safari and go to apple.com. Make the Safari window small by resizing it manually. Now press the green zoom button and Safari adapts to the content. It's not maximizing it like Windows, and I just love that.

So, in the next version, is it possible to get a true Mac experience when you press that little green button? :)

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