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Translation into Urdu Language


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Hello, guys!

I'm new here. I haven't yet seen the Urdu version of uTorrent. Why don't you guys translate this program into Urdu? Well, I'm from Pakistan. I'm willing to translate it myself. But how can I do this? I don't have an account in uTS.

Urdu is national language of Pakistan. Thousands of Pakistani must be using this product. So, this product should be translated into Urdu.

You may get knowledge and information about Urdu through Wikipedia.


Urdu: اردو


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Read this please: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=11517

If your language is not listed here or translation status is less than 80% (check it here) and you want to help translating uTorrent to your language (should be your mother tongue) than email Firon or schnurlos with your valid email address for registration to the µTS (µTorrent Translation System), your nickname here in the forums and the language which you want to translate or help with.


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What I wanted to say:

1) There is an existing thread for Urdu: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=39673

2) If you want to help translateing, send an email (because normally I can't see the email address of an user in the forums, perhaps Firon can as Admin) to me or Firon.

I was able to find your email address (mail sent), hope it's working - and you are added now as Urdu translator.

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But the problem here is: some users are registered as translators, but they either do not start translating or stop after some %. Or (as I was asked already :/ ) want some money for their translation work ...

Now Urdu is still around 16% and the way to min. 80% can be really hard.

But the problem exists also in other languages.


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