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uTorrent member System Failure/Restart


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Please redirect me to an appropriate forum if this subject is already covered.

I have been a uTorrent member for about 8 months and had a terrible system failure and have paid for my 3 yr membership. I am now attempting to build a new system with uTorrent access. I have downloaded uTorrent and re-installed but I no longer have any of the Torrent providers.

How do I reload the providers (like "piratebay". etc.)?

I can no longer log into my uTorrent account. That information has been lost as well.

Who can I contact directly to re-acquire this info?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Thanks, Moogly

Perhaps I'm missing something. When I select Preferences > Advanced, the below list is what appears but my original list of entries was somewhat greater than this including "piratebay" and others.





The above entries direct me to bit torrent sites where I must pay for downloads. My prior list allowed me to download directly through uTorrent regardless of $.

Perhaps I have missed something so please excuse the ignorance.

Thanks, draws

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