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How do I increase my upload speed?


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I really like seeding torrents and helping people, but my upload speeds are ridiculous. I have about a 1 mb internet connection speed and can download really fast but uploading's another story.

I know you guys are going to ask, so I'll just list the results from speedtest.net now.

Ok, after a couple of tests, my download speed was between 1.5 mb and 3.7 mb. How, I have no idea, but it never reaches 3.7 mb while downloading. Upload speed was far lower, staying below 0.50 mb.

Also, I've tried setting my upload speed to 1000 kbs (as far as it goes) or 0 (unlimited) on certain torrents but it doesn't affect them. Going to properties on a torrent and doing it that way doesn't help either. Now some of them had only a few people downloading so it might just be their limit, but others, with far higher downloaders still stayed about the same.

I went to setup guide and ran the tests and it told me my upload speed was between 700 kbs and 850 kbs but my LIMIT was only between 120 kbs and 90kbs. Wtf? Why??

I am using Charter for internet, but I read the help file here: http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup and Protocol Encryption has Outgoing to set to Enabled already and it's allowing legacy connections (Forced didn't help much either) My firewall is not blocking utorrent either, I added the exception and ran the setup guide test with bandwidth unchecked and it said my ports were open.

I enabled UPnP port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping and while this seems to have increased my download slightly (4.23 mbs), my upload speed still had trouble staying at 0.50 mbs while it was being tested.

I couldn't set up a static IP because I couldn't change the DHCP range.

I am seeding a bunch of torrents right now (Exactly 7 active ones) but their speeds are really low, the highest is 24kbs or so. And even when I went to put all my upload speed behind one torrent, it still only got to about 120 kbs, even with about 20 people trying to download it (Made a new torrent myself).

This is seriously bothering me. I really enjoy seeding things and helping people and it's really annoying knowing I can't use all of my speed to do that because of some stupid limit. Can someone help me? I don't know what else to do :/

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Yeah, I realized that a bit after posting the message. I read it in a guide for utorrent speed. I called Charter and asked if they could help me, and we tried a few things like turning off Windows Firewall, and removing some programs and it seems to be a bit better. It's no longer 90 or 120 kbs, now it's 180 - 200. It's weird, even though I manually change the upload settings, utorrent refuses to allow me to use my 1 mb upload speed all the way. The limit's always at 180. How do I stop that?

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Well, I want to use the full 1 mb upload speed I got. I want to know why utorrent is acting like an overprotective parent by limiting my own upload speed when I clearly specify I want to use all of it. Seeding is more important to me then downloading is. Right now, I'm keeping files I don't even want anymore just because there's few seeders, and I've got 7 files I want to keep seeding just because there's only 5 or less seeders on them. It was especially annoying when I made my own torrent, stopped everything else and then 30 people started getting a 700 mb file at 100kbs. Took forever just to get another seeder. So yeah, I want all of my own upload speed to use.

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