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How to check if ipfiltering is working properly?


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I followed this tutorial


and this tutorial


In the second one it says I can verify it by

"You can verify that the list has been loaded by looking under the "Logging" tab of µTorrent, where you should see the line "Loaded ipfilter.dat (X entries)"."

Yet I can't find this logging tab.

I am using utorrent 2.0.4

So I am not sure where this has been moved to.


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Well thats what I am trying to confirm to make sure it was loaded in correctly. I can't find this logging tab though.

I think I found it now and it says this

[2010-09-12 18:13:04] Loaded ipfilter.dat (225832 entries)

[2010-09-12 18:13:04] *** Starting Diagnostic thread ***

[2010-09-12 18:13:04] IPv6 is installed

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