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peer based question...


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hello... i am a bit confused as about a torrent i am downloading. i am quite happily uploading at +150k/B's but what i don't get is there is a peer (or a seed?) with 100% completed torrent in the list of peers but they aren't giving me anything. is this because their machine's not switched on? also why is it that it seems almost impossible to upload with good speeds, something that i want to do as much as download, when i am not in the process of downloading?

thanks for your answers, quite basic i know! but i HAVE looked for answers on the FAQ's and other topics... honest! :D

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You seem to be on Virgin Media Cable ISP in the UK.

Your ISP hates you as a customer, despises BitTorrent, and will exploit your networking data -- such as sell your web surfing habits to "3rd parties" (read: possible spammers) for additional profit.

No, I'm not joking:


application-based restrictions would form part of a broader strategy to "monetise the intelligence" in the Virgin Media network


"the firm intends to lead the ISP industry in new network services that exploit customer data"

OTHER problems can be you're trying to connect to/with other peers/seeds that are also on ISPs that disrupt/throttle BitTorrent traffic.

...Or you have networking issues, often cause by bad-by-design routers or software firewalls.

...Or malware running rampant on your computer/s. :(

...Or lastly, settings in uTorrent that are not suitable for what your internet connection can and is willing to deliver.

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