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setting with 1gbps server


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Hi there :)

I have an ovh server 1gbps (1000 MB/s up and down) as seedbox and i want to know something please :

With my speed connection, what setting can you advice to me in utorrent options ?

Right now i use the auto setting in utorrent for 100 mb/s connection but it seems that utorrent doesn't run optimaly with my speed connection and test speed in utorrent does not work.

Thanks by advance for your help, i hope you can understand me because my english is not so good.

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Please state what units you mean...





Base-2 or Base-10 for giga and mega?

uTorrent's speed tester is incapable of testing speeds much faster than maybe 10-20 megabits/second...and lately most or all of the test servers have been down.

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Use the 100 megabits/second settings from 2nd link in my signature, but increase the upload speed to 100000 KiloBYTES/second in uTorrent's Preferences, Bandwidth window.

You'll almost certainly need multiple hard drives sharing torrents at once to reach that speed!

Also, are you sure the line can do 1000 megabits/second both down and up?

Visit Speedguide.net to measure speeds.

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