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First had problem with uploading 5x and much as I was downloading.then


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I have been downloading several files for the past week, the same files, they have been downloading very slow. It was taking 2 to 3 days for one file in the set to complete download. So I walked through the typical steps you would do for trouble shooting this type problem. I would turn off computer, unplug modem, reset, unplug router (Netgear). Plug modem in, wait for complete start, start router, turn on computer. Start uTorrent 2.0.4 build 21586. Still was uploading 5x the amount downloading. Ran setup guide, changed locations of site attached too.

When I would try to change setting manually to slow upload and increase download, it would change the setting of the speed I was connected to site to a lower speed. Rerun setup guide and it would speed up connection to site and change all settings I had manually made.

Came to your Forum and read several of the problems people are having with speed and walked through several of the solutions that were offered. Cleared the setting according to one moderator. Turned setting on and off, checked for ISP throttling, ISP is not guilty. Orlando, FL. USA using Brighthouse (roadrunner) DSL as ISP.

Rerun Setup guide now my connection speed is slower and can only download 5 files at a time, whereas I am uploading 6 files. Download speeds are now faster than upload speeds. I go back to setup guide it has lowered my connection speed from 1.10 Mbits/s to 737.28 kbits/s, reran test, it reset the connection speed to 1.10Mbits/s, saved and closed. uTorrent still downloading 5 files and uploading 6. Opened Setup guide and my speed is back down to 737.28kbits/s and now I'm connected to Paris, France instead of Atlanta, Georgia..??

I have been working on this all morning. I know a bit more about computers than the average guy, but still not up to par with many on the net. I am puzzled over my problems, and it seems like many more are also. Do you have any other ideas that have not been presented? Know that is a silly question, you would have already posted any and all solid instructions to your clients as you have, but just need to ask.

Thank you.

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Tell us more about the settings used, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and any advanced settings you've changed.

I was unaware Brighthouse/RR also used DSL in some areas, I thought they were only a cable ISP.

The torrent/s you're on that are downloading slowly...do they have far more peers than seeds?

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You are right RR works with Brighthouse as our cable ISP, Brighthouse provides TV cable and Phone.

DSL deals with phone service ISP's.

The settings I changed were laid out in your reply to Nsomnia on 2009-06-12 11:08:48

I did the "disable UPnP, NAT-PMP,LPD etc.

I did not change and of the "Advanced Settings"

(was going to cut and paste images into this post but that didn't work, so I'm trying to condense the verbiage)

Restarted uTorrent, this is when I noticed the change in the downloading and uploading. 5 downloads, 6 uploads, but as I said the downloads are now faster than the uploads. It has downloaded more files in the last 24 hours than it would download in 3-5 days previously.

But yesterday when uTorrent restarted and it had changed as stated in prior email. When I could not change connection speed higher than 737.28 kbits/s, I went back and rechecked the boxes the instructions had stated to uncheck. When I restarted uTorrent again the download actions had not changed and connection speed would not increase.

As stated before this slower connection and fewer downloads may be working to my benefit, as it is downloading the files faster.

As I type this I have just noticed the upload speeds are now faster than the download speeds, it is between 8am and 5pm, if that makes a difference.

the peer to seed ratio does not seem to make a big difference unless the seeding is one (1) to five (5) and the peers are 5-6x or more.

Don't know if this is what you wanted, would like to see a change back to the way it was operating 3 or 4 weeks ago, or would it be before I downloaded the new version of uTorrent? Does the new version seem to giving members more problems with speed?

Thank you,

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I'm on ComCast Cable which also uses temporary speed bursts that "confuse" speed tests:


In short, you need to know what the sustained upload and download max speeds are...and typical speed tests will not tell you that.

What's the speed tier you're signed up for?

Mine is 6 mbit/sec down and 1 mbit/sec up.

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Think you misunderstood the last message. The "Setup Guide speed test" I mentioned. Maybe I should have just said "I reran the uTorrent Setup Guide "Run tests" to see if I would get any new results and I did. My upload speeds have been changed by the program, now they are 5x or more faster than my upload speeds. Me thinks a bit of the problem lies with the uTorrent Setup Guide "Run tests" settings it makes when the test is run for the program.

Roadrunner gives me 10 Mbits/s download speed and 1 Mbits/s upload speed or thats what they claim I usually get 8-10 Mbits/s DL speeds and 600-1,0000 kbits/s UL speed.

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