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Unable to download..


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Ok, here's my piece.. be prepared, haha ;)

I'm unable to download anything--uTorrent reports all torrents as downloading, but it won't pick up any seeders for any torrents (and they are active torrents, 500+ seeders and only 100 or so leeches). Here's the story:

I'm on a new computer. It's an Intel C2Duo, Vista-32. I just moved into a new place that provides Wifi. What this means to me is, I have no access to the router (which is a linksys, on roadrunner cable) so I'm unable to forward any ports. I used NMap to do a port scan on the network and the only open ports (TCP) are the normal ones (8010, 1723, 53, 25, 22). I have uTorrent set to port 8010 because it's the only open port that would pass the Setup Guide test, but I feel like that might cause some conflicts. There is one other port open for UDP, but I didn't see a way to set separate TCP/UDP ports.. I'm assuming that is impossible because of the way uTorrent is set up, and from what I understand, DHT is the only part of uTorrent that uses UDP and isn't completely necessary.

I have Norton Internet Security (version but I have a rule set in it for uTorrent:


I also have windows firewall set to allow uTorrent. I don't have any other firewall/antivirus software that I'm aware of.

Here is the Setup Guide information from uTorrent:


uTorrent doesn't show anything at all.. no green circle, no red circle, no error messages whatsoever at the bottom. It's also unable to connect to any trackers for any torrents I try. I know it has to be a network issue, but it's strange because the setup guide runs fine and it says everything is configured properly. Is there something I can do even though I'm unable to access the router to forward ports?

Anyone notice anything else that I could have missed? Let me know if a HJT or ProcessExplorer log would help.. I hate having to post but I searched everywhere for like 2 hours and couldn't find a solution =/ uTorrent worked fine on my desktop (with and without a router), but I also had direct access to my router so I was able to forward the proper ports.

I'm hoping the property owners aren't actively trying to prevent file sharing.. but I'm hoping if they are, there is a way to ninja around it ;)

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