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uTorrent's Windows client on Ubuntu under Wine. A couple of problems.


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Okay, so I'm finally switching from Windows to Ubuntu for good.

I have my uTorrent client in Windows with over 220 torrents seeding, which I need to keep seeding to maintain a good ratio. Every time I download a new torrent I add it in a different folder so I can keep everything tidy, because I don't like the default folder names they put to torrents.

Now that I installed Ubuntu (i386) I could just use another bit torrent client and open all the .torrent files in the uTorrent directory in appdata at once, but I would have to select the folder for each one of them. That would take me days.

So instead of that I'm running uTorrent with wine, and I added a link to the uTorrent directory on wine's C: folder.

So, now uTorrent is running fine and reading/writing all the torrents from the old NTFS drive just like in Windows.

The problem is: how do I set it so it opens automatically when I boot Ubuntu instead of having to open it manually every time?

But it doesn't end there: I have to manually click on the old NTFS drives every time I boot or Ubuntu won't recognize the links, and uTorrent won't be able to find the old files (maybe Ubuntu doesn't mount the NTFS drives until you click on them?). Is there any way of telling the OS to do this every time for me?

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