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Speed Problems with uTorrent 2.2 Beta (build 21882)


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After updating to the newest beta of uTorrent, I have experienced some very strange speed issues. Uploading varies greatly, from about 1.1mB/s to 2.3mB/s, down from my usual steady 2.9mB/s. Another thing is that instead of my usual 29 active torrents uploading, theres only 7. The less active torrents, the better the speeds. I can get to 2.8 and keep it around 2.5-2.8 with 4-5. My Speedtest is my usual 30mbit down 18mbit up.

I had the same problem a month or two ago with the 3.0 Alpha, and Switeck (a mod) decided it was probably due to feeble networking that was too close to crashing without much going on, I decided to go back down to the beta at that time, which worked. (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=82406)

The same steps from last time-

Restarted uTorrent- made no difference

Disabled DHT- made no difference

Disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP- made no difference

Disabled bandwidth management- made no difference

Protocol Encryption is enabled

Disabled bt.tcp_rate_control- made no difference

peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled

Changed bt.transp_disposition from 15 to 31- made no difference

No throttling detected

Set everything back to default since it made no difference.

Network status light is green.

net.max_halfopen is set to 6

WHS operating system based on server 2003

Verizon FiOS actiontech WI424WR router/modem

HP LX195 1.6ghz Intel Atom 2gb Ram. 640 Internal, 1TB, 300gb, and 250gb external

"Disable UPnP, NAT-PMP, Resolve IPs, Local Peer Discovery, DHT (both kinds), and bandwidth management ALL AT ONCE rather than testing separately.

Global Max Connections...try 100, reduce that as low as 30 for testing.

Max connections PER torrent must stay lower than global max, so I suggest 10 (while seeding) and 20-50 if not only seeding." Also done, with no results.

Thanks in advanced.

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Yes, I have noticed that with every speedtest I have used. I pay for 35/25 and can confirm that with uTorrent and downloading files from other sources that I do indeed get at least 24 megabits, unlike the speedtests say. I used speedtest.net, not the setup guide because the setup guide is wrong on both download and upload speeds.

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Sorry, bad wording on my part. (It's been one of those weeks, and its only Tuesday) I get 24 up and 34 down. I can confirm this through testing on uTorrent and other programs on different computers, despite which speedtest.net or almost any other speed test says.

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Test bt.connect_speed lowered to only 1 or 2 outgoing connection attempts per second.

Disable uTP (Bandwidth Management) under Preferences, BitTorrent as well for this particular test.

Is uTorrent throwing up error messages in Trackers window/tab and/or Logger window/tab about broken connections?

If speedtest.net doesn't report you having that rated speed, you probably don't have that much usable speed...at least not all the time.

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bt.connect_speed tested on both 1 and 2, as well as uTP disabled, with no improvement at all.

Nothing in the logger tab. Some errors in the Trackers tab, but not on all of them, and mostly with trackers that I know aren't in use anymore.

I have always been able to sustain 2.9-3 megaBytes up, for days at a time with only the occasional hiccups, but that is not the thing that concerns me most. The lack of active torrents and lack of steadiness in the uploading concerns me.

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I stopped all active torrents, and restarted them, and now the error messages are rolling in.

[2010-09-14 17:40:03]]): [µTorrent 2.0.4 (47.4)]: Got Request while choked: 1726:65536->16384-------------------------------------------- Got tons of these

[2010-09-14 17:40:44] Got an unchoke from even though we're not interested------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple of these

[2010-09-14 17:42:39] ]): [KTorrent/4.0.2 (11.3)]: Got Cancel Unrequested: 2379:49152->16384-----------------------------------------------------A bunch of these too

[2010-09-14 17:42:55] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)--------------------- A couple of these

[2010-09-14 17:42:55] UPnP: Device error "": (-2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A couple of these

[2010-09-14 17:43:42] UPnP: ERROR removing TCP port 32809: (714) The specified value does not exist in the array---------------------------------------------------only 1 or 2

This is just a summary of all the different ones.

Also, I removed the file names.

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Only uTP was disabled, not UPnP and NAT-PMP. Now that they are disabled, I am no longer getting errors related to that, but still tons "Got cancel unrequest" and "Got request while choked" errors.

Also a new error- [2010-09-14 18:05:55] [libTorrent 0.12.2 (33.1)]: Got Bad Have 805

only a coupe of these

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Seems UPnP fails on your devices then.

The got cancel unrequested and request while choked can be due to bad clients (BitComet especially!), variable upload speed issues, or even sudden but normal changes in upload slots.

Got bad have I think means that remote client (libTorrent 0.12.2) claims to have a piece it probably doesn't.

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