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Build 21882: "Error:Invalid download state, try resuming"


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(I hope this is the right forum)

Since I upgraded to 21882 almost all of my torrents are displayed as "Error:Invalid download state, try resuming".

I had about 200 torrents. I figured it was because I move my torrents to another folder on the same drive when they are completed but if I do a hash-recheck most of them work 100%.

What I did find funny was that I downloaded a torrent, I got the 100% notification from uTorrent.

I then killed uTorrent because it was eating 60-70% of my CPU for no reason. When I opened it again.

The torrent I just got 100% from was "Error:Invalid download state, try resuming"

So I re-checked and downloaded the 1.8% that it said was missing. I restarted uTorrent again and the same thing

happened again.

How do I change back to the build before 21882 this is unusable.

Today it hung when I pressed a Magnet-link.

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