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When the proxy drops out


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I've searched on this, but need to be sure I've got it right. For UT 2.0.4 running under XP, if you have a proxy such as BT Guard or GT Guard set up, and have udp-related stuff turned off, then your IP identity is protected so long as the proxy server stays up. But if that server drops out, UT will revert to using the direct non-proxied connections, and your IP will be disclosed. It's not clear if this is the case with the special version of UT used by Torrent Privacy.

But, it appears version 3 of UT will address this issue, and will have a setting to use only the proxy for all connections.

Is that right? If so, is there anything I can do using 2.0.4 to make it work that way too until 3.0 is ready? Maybe a "bind" setting in Advanced?

Thanks very much.

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