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How many files.torrent the client can support?


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Prompt, and what number of files utorrent can distribute (not simultaneous number of connections interests, and quantity of files)?

That that has not found in Faq. 1.000? 10.000? With what number.torrent files the client can work? The increase in number of files will affect speed of work or on volume of demanded memory for work? If "yes", that is whether what dependence, for example 1000 files = + 10 Mb in operative memory for process utorrent.exe

I apologise for curve English.

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Are you wondering about number of active torrents (downloading and uploading) or limitations in the number of files in a given torrent.

If it's the number of torrents, then you will most likely be limited by your system (memory and bandwidth).

If it's files, then I suggest you start compressing or archiving the files prior to creating the torrent. I'm not aware of any limit but you could easily overload a machine with a massive torrent file like what you're talking about.

Personally I've seen torrents with over 5k+ files, they took a while to load but they still did.

Look into winrar, it's well adapted for this kind of use (might save you some space too)

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