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Sorry about the previous post.

Would it be possible to skip the files labeled as "don't download" while hashing and downloading?

I have to move them out of the folder to prevent long hashing time during an unexpected shutdown where I know for sure those files are indeed complete. AND I have to recheck the whole damn torrent if I want to move/remove some of the files after it's complete to conserve space

It's quite useful if you are to download a torrent well beyond any of you normal drive capacity with compressed folders/sparse files and the utorrent priority system -- if only the annoying missing files warning were gone.

DreadWingKnight kindly replied that due to cross-file parts it's not possible(? at least that's what's implied.)

But since you can choose not to download the file, I could think of at least one mechanism where it is possible. I'm just not sure how hard it would be:

I assume the cross-file parts would be stored in the dat file if you didn't download it in the first place. So what if uT re-creates the dat file upon changing status from download to don't download. And if that part was complete, just hash the single piece and store it in the dat file.

OR, if that's too much hassle. Add an option to "optimize for file deletion" and by checking that option, store every single cross-file piece in the dat file upon creation, so that any missing files (downloaded then marked don't download, that is) would not have to be re-checked


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