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Files not complete after migration


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Today I did some moving of files around and noticed this:

sometimes, when I add a new torrent and point download to a location, where some files of the torrent are already present, uT does a check and then reports the files are 99.x% complete.

I know for sure (checked MD5) that they are complete.

Then uT downloads a small bit and makes then 100%.

I noticed this before too.

Any idea what is happening?

It download only a small bit, so that does not bother me, just the strange feeling when UT claims the files is not complete, when in fact it is.

uT 2.0.4 21586 on Windows XP Pro SP3



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It just happened again.

What I did was:

- move the .torrent file to other folder *

- as that did not work as expected, close UT

- move the .torrent file back

- start UT

- start that torrent (is stopped and red)

Now UT rechecks the downloaded files and again reports, that they are not 100%. There are several files in this torrent. One is 357 MB big, but after check UT reports in the Files tab, that only 352 MB are done and the percentage is 98.5%

Also the "downloaded" info for the torrent is 620 MB (on the General tab and in the main torrent table). After a while the files are downloaded to 100% and the total download for the torrent changes to 636 MB.

So why does uT download file parts, that are actually already present?

* - see my other thread : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=84372

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