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µTorrent 1.5 released


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That (=bugs) are one reason I personly stick to official 437. DLed from original server.

But interestingly Share Ration 36.590 here on the forced seeding one.

Compared this to the outcry in the "peerfactor thread" i wonder whats driving THIS people.

On one hand shit chat bout closed source and so on, on the other hand a version of thsi closed source using from an untrustable source like anonymous uploader "game90" on TPB.

It seems they have not read MS LAW 1 + 2


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I don't think there is a changelog, since the betas are "D:nach wie vor" non public ones.

what do you think why #292 postet 2 more links then the original(is it ?) link for this beta at the beta URLs on utorrent.com. One of then a torrent link?! (use your brain; MS LAW 1)

The utorrent.com link does NOT look suspicious so if the domain is not highjacked the content you might can DL there might be a genuine one from ludde.

And as on the last "leaked" one, i would appriciate it, if firon or ludde would poste a md5 hash for it.

The routinely publishing of the md5hash smight be something to be considered for future official releases too; the interest in µtorrent is growing, its specialform (one single small .exe) makes it likely a target to be just the filemane for some malicious things. So having an "official" md5 (or other maybe more secure(?) checking mechanismen) might be usefull to prevent PR-desasters like the peer factor one. Imagine some (stupid!) editor of some stupid(!) onlinemagazine/site gets a µtorrent version that is infact not what it is, this file kills his mp3 archive. Could you imagine the possible desaster an article of this editor could have?!

having some form of public "genuine-test" out, you could easily point at him and say "what a fool, he could check that the file was not genuine but a trick of "THEM" to weaken the "D:Ansehen" of luddes work and to bring this programm in miscredit.

Edit: minor(?) spelling corections

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