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µTorrent 1.5 released


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The links to build 453 are all trustworthy.

There is no changelog yet, not till ludde makes one, but most of the changes are pretty obvious anyway.

There are no official announcements to build 453 yet because ludde is asleep, ignorantcow isn't online at the moment and Firon is busy setting up the new server. If it was a private build then i wouldn't have posted the links here.

Any bugs with build 453 please reports in the found bugs subforum like with any other beta.

Webui isnt ready for public release at the moment so just ignore the preferences section for the webui.

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ok then, would you then please also post an md5 hash for the "D:angeblich" official beta build?

I have postet before why i think there should be "official" md5 sums out.



please do not delete postings of yourself that have answers to it.

1) Your remark/question was a legitimate one, so no need to delete it! ;-)

2) If the Post is gone my answer to it looks foolish standing alone out there :-(

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nope. if u set it on unlimited, the line is gone.

just tried it using build 439.

Well, it isn't. I've already set upload to unlimited before b437 and i got this line after update to 439, it stays the same place even if i set it higher or lower.

I'll try and see whether b453 works but that'll have to wait cause i'm seeding a large file. Again, it's a small problem so don't worry about it, you guys can continue discussing the new beta... ^^

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Firon already publicized a little bit about the changes and features of the new beta HERE and it's great to finally use it. Where is the option of priotizing rare pieces? I hope it was not scrapped. It was the single option that really helped me get the files on poorly seeded torrents, since all the rare pieces was already downloaded by me, thus a higher chance of the swarm to get all the pieces, before the seeder stops seeding

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Damn, only a 404 for the changelog now http://utorrent.com/download/beta/utorrent-1.5.1-beta-build-453.txt

As Michail Gorbatchow (spelling?) once said before the breakdown of east german government "who comes to late will be punished by life" (german to english translation by me)

Official translation by his simultanious translator from russian to german was: "Wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben"


Firon said it is "semi public", so i will start using it after the next reboot too.

P.S. could someone please repair the link on the HP to the forum?

forum.utorrent.com is not working right now.

If you have saved your login in a cookie (and have forgotten it after that) it will not work until you edit your cookie file. I guess there a many more users that do not remember their login PW and can now not login if they do not know how to modify their cookie file.

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Ultima, I'm lazy with that password stuff. A forum is not super secure important to have a long passphrase for it!

Even on my xp home versiion i use an Admin account without password and surf with this admin rights the net right now. (Okay, I do NOT use IE, but thats the only "security" i use next to xpsp2 build in FW and a NATing Fritzbox)

Maybe i'm looking for a reason to switch this maschine to Linux. But the Reason "compromised with Malware" did not occour up until now as far as i can say

(checking it by analysing network traffic outgoing from this machine from time to time and using a knoppix based AV scanner once a month)

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i have a question about 453.

" Change: Never request more than 50 chunks from a bitcomet peer"

does it mean that no more than 50 chunks are requested in quick succession or does it mean that no more than a total of 50 chunks are requested from the same BC peer until utorrent is restarted?

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