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µTorrent 1.5 released


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I was wondering, for a start whether its worth upgrading to the latest beta? (I have previously beta tested Azureus and other beta programs so i know what i'm letting myself into :P) and also whether its got an auto-update feature - presumably one that saves all my torrents, statistics etc...

I noticed that there is the 459 release - on the last page - but its also in the form of a .exe & there is no beta update options within uTorrent itself. If i replace the 1.5 .exe with the beta build will i lose my information!

I am new to uTorrent from the 1.5 release so am completly unaware how the update feature works - or how someone would usually update the program.

Love the program so far & would love to see whats to come!!! Apreciate any help that can be given!! :)


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There where some talk about cache and keeping the number of writes to the hdd down. I have noticed that by turning of, "write out pieces immidatly" you get less writes and no obvious performance loss.

So, since this isn't the default, is this good or bad? Better to ask the persons that are good at this =)

And an answer to the last post. You can run the BETA versions without problems. They will read the settings from the old µtorrent and you will loose nothing.

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wormhole, that's already reported, ludde said he'll work on it.. i'm almost sure that he fixed it a minute after i reported it.. all u have to do is wait for the new beta.. it's just a visual glitch, not a big deal

Snapphane, if u disable it finished pieces wont be written immediately (lol that's obvious), if something happens u may lose some data (we got powercuts at least once a week in my town - i'd better not risk losing precious pieces :P)

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About disk cache:

1) In bytes read graphic i see it loads 128KB each time, even if the only file running is 701x 256KB. Shouldn't it load from disk at least a full piece?

2) Some clients as azureus request successive pieces to allow efficiency improvements to their caching algorithm. You could load more than one chunk each time if u know that u are talking with an azureus client

3) You could implement some sort of maxi piece (for example 10 pieces each) and then request the pieces inside in order, so that u can improve read cache hit and reduce the number of disk accesses.

4) I set 80MB of buffer and no matter what cache options i disabled i can't fill it all. It uses maximum half of it. Shouldn't it try to fill all the cache to improve cache hits?

Bye ;)

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I refreshed the main page several times without seeing the public beta,

I had to go to the download page to see it :P

EDIT: the faq hasn't been updated so I have to ask, what does this option do? =


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