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µTorrent 1.5 released


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Hmmm... Seems that uTorrent locks up if i press left and right mouse button at the same time..

I´m running Build 437.. Not sure if utorrent is acting like this in previous builds...

Edit: Minimize to tray and then maximize again sets uTorrent back to normal.. But still..

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wuggu: read the changelog

Thanks, did that.

The change log neither does specify what that data is used for, nor does it state the fact at all - except for the addition of transmission of build number.

Would you mind to elaborate?

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STAFFO & hin123: Thanks (I think? lol) to hin123, I was able to reproduce this. Don't just push the two buttons down together. Left click and hold on a main button, hold down the right button as well, then drag the mouse away from a button. µTorrent will then freeze. You may be able to continue clicking buttons normally, but they will depress and not come back up. You can give another program focus and then go back to µTorrent to fix it pretty easily.


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Nothing was changed in UPnP, it just shows you the error now.

ok... UPnP doesn't work for me in uTorrent then! It worked ok for me in Azureus so presumably it can work on my machine. I'll have a dig around on the forum to see if there is a known fix in case it is my config somehow.

I found another potential bug too. If you turn on verbose logging in the log tab with the right click context menu check item, then try to turn it off, it doesn't turn off.

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if you turn on verbose logging, it turns on normal logging. Turning off verbose logging leaves normal logging on. So, you have to turn off log peer traffic too.

Thanks for the explanation.

Done some digging & testing on UPnP and I do have a dlink router... It works fine in Azureus though (just tested with uTorrent having failed on its own port and Azureus worked a treat), so perhaps their UPnP impl is more compatible with my router. I'll do a manual port forward so its not a huge deal but it suggests something isn't quite right.


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Firon, it's back. That dreaded "Access denied" bubble. What have i done to deserve this :(

I did a fresh install of XP Pro today, she's all patched up. Running Zone Alarm, and NOD32 and now I am going to cry :( werrrrrrrrrr!

I need helpski's :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

I'll give you some infooo!!! PC:

AMD 2600+


GeForceFX 5900XT - Latest drivers 81.98

ABIT NF7-S 2.0 - Latest NForce2's 5.10

80GB Seagate SATA

30GB Maxtor ATA133

SBLive 5.1

Don't know if that help's but you could pass that onto Lude.


Boo hoo :(

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If you are using a router with portforwarding, you have to wait some time (depends on tracker) up to 3 minutes (as some users told) to come network-icon green (tested by me with netgear).

So if it works with azureus, it will also work with µTorrent.

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