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very very very slow download speed


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I got mitorrent V. 2.0.4 an I use windows XP

DL Rate is only 3,8 kB/s. UL Rate is 2,4 kB/s

A download can last hours and days. So mtorrent is worth nothing.

I several time have run the speed test to configure properly automatically.

My ISP is Kabel Deutschland in Germany.

The result:

Upload 943,71 kbit/s and download 629,15 kbit/s


Upload limit 90 kb/s

Upload slots 6

Verbindung pro torrent 100

Max. active torrent 6

Verbindung global 450

max active download 5


Ergebnis: Port ist offen. Dein Netzwerk ist richtig eingestellt.

Akt Port 44771

Autom. Portd Manning

In windows XP firewall mtorrent is checked.

If it is not possible to increase the download speed significantly, mtorrent is worth nothing.

Please help.


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