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Download /upload speed Problem


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Hey guys,

My utorrent is acting up since yesterday and it's getting on my nerves. Whenever I limit my upload speed my download goes all the way down to 5-10KB/s , if I set my upload to unlimited , my download goes all the way up to 2 MB/s .Everything was running normal before yesterday and out of no where utorrent started messing up. I tried different versions of utorrent and turned off my firewall but nothing helped. I'm currently running ver. 2.2

By the way I'm connected directly to my modem so no router here.

Any help will be appreciated


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Thanks for your reply. Everything is set up the way it is recommended in the setup guide. My firewall (all of them) is OFF. All download bars are green. I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. My ISP provider is called Alice (I live in Germany) . I used M-Lab tools to test my connection and to check if my ISP is limiting my download/upload no problems there. My connection type is DSL 16Mbps.

I'll be happy to give you more info if needed.


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The drop-down box is only reporting your upload speed. It is *NOT* changing your uTorrent settings, which are shown below that box.

Your uTorrent settings show values that do not match anything in the Speed Guide list in full...it's like you did a pick-and-choose from some pretty extreme settings. The closest upload speed to those settings is 1 mbit/sec -- though 15 torrents at once more closely matches 10 megabit/second upload speed. You've only got about 1/12th that much upload, so probably should reduce active downloads at once to 4-6 and total active torrents to 5-10.

Upload slots are probably best reduced to only 3 or 4 per torrent if you're typically running that many active torrents at once. If that's not enough, uTorrent will automatically use more if necessary.

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1. Activate the Setup Guide.

2. Select 1Mb/s from the drop-down box.

3. Click "Save & close".

4. Close the Setup Guide.

5. Open the Setup Guide.

6. Do you see your Upload Limit at 90kB/s?. If yes, enjoy uTorrents and don't mess with those setting coz they were wrong when you first started your post.

7. Don't click anything else and don't test anything.

8. Because of the very nature of BitTorrent, speeds are not guaranteed for any given torrent swarm. While you may get great speeds in one swarm, you might not in another. This is due to the fact that BitTorrent is a P2P protocol, so it depends on the upload speeds of the other peers you are connected to to generate your download speeds.

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