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If a Socks5 proxy goes down, are you still protected?


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I know there's an issue when a VPN goes down - uTorrent resumes traffic in the clear, thus revealing your IP. Well, in v2.0.4 I mean.

But what if instead you've set up a Sock5 proxy like BT Guard or Superchargemytorrent? If that proxy server goes down, does uTorrent stop? This is assuming you've unchecked everything that would have led to udp traffic, and you've disabled Ipv6.

I've tried setting up a Socks5 proxy with a garbage IP address, then starting a torrent downloading, and nothing happens - no traffic at all. So it looks like it works as you would want it to. But does it work correctly if you've already got the proxy up and running and then it goes down? Does it stop then too?

So with all the right options turned off, is using a proxy pretty much leak proof?

And just to be clear, for the proxy I would uncheck:



Randomize Port

and under the BitTorrent tab disable:

All "Basic" Features - DHT, etc., except perhaps Scraping

and then to be safe I would disable UPnP in my router, and close any UT-related forwarded ports, and make sure IPv6 is disabled in Windows.

Have I forgotten anything?

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks very much.

Well, my understanding is that the proxy servers in question don't actually accept or handle udp packets. If that's the case, there wouldn't be much point in turning those features on.

In any case, with all the udp stuff turned off, can you confirm that at least for tcp packets the proxy function in v2.0.4 works correctly - it won't start communicating directly if/when the proxy server drops out?

I just want to be sure that there is NO chance my IP will be revealed to other swarm participants for any reason. For me, that's the whole point of using the proxy.

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