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Tricky Speed Problem, Help Needed.

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Firstly, I'm new here but have always been using U Torrent, cause' its been awesome. Anyhow, lately, I'm trying to find the best settings to get the best speed performance for my U Torrent and I keep failing to get it.

I'm using a 4MB connection from Streamyx (Malaysia) which is known to throttle speed at times, as far as I know but for direct downloads (via website or download manager, the speed seems awesome - getting up to 400-500kb/s download speed) but for my U Torrent, i NEVER get that. Its always maxed out around 100kb/s.

So I could really use some help with the settings. I've already checked thru all the forums suggested topics but cant seem to get it to work well.

Connection : 4MB Broadband

Windows XP SP3

1 GB Ram

120 GB HDD

Below are some useful screenshots.











Yep, thats bout it. I would be grateful if someone could help me out with this speed issue, cuz its annoying knowing that for 4MB speed, that i still take so much time to download a movie file.

Help me, thanks.

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So why do you not forward your port to get a green icon? http://www.utorrent.com/documentation/connection-setup

Hmm. As far as i know, i often get a green icon but still slow speed. Anyhow. I took the time to portforward, according to portforward.com, but still when i check with their tool - the portforward checker it still shows, port not open! I still can see the added port setting in my router settings.

What now?

3rd link in my signature for ways to combat disruption and throttling.

And yes, i checked it and did accordingly already but still same speed.

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