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2.2 - MTU Discovery does not work . Seeding does not reach # of slots


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-- 2010-09-10: Version 2.2 Beta (build 21882)

- Feature: end to end path MTU calculation based on ICMP messages and missing packets

- Defining 10 UL slots, reaching 4-5 slots :(

- MTU is fixed/"stuck" @ 1444 bytes (like 2.04)

- DF flags are all set to defragment

See for yourselves:


capture: http://www.mediafire.com/?zrvwcqc3cexhjbf

Did anyone really tested seeding with this release ? ... Checked that all back-ported features (from 3.0) really do work ? :(

Back to 2.04 . Let me know when it's tested and working. You know my email... :P


And if you did test it on the latest 3.0 and it DOES work there- let me know as well. Thank you.

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Just discussed that with alus on IRC... He'll have to clean up (delete) all the settings for that #. Pref->bandwidth, properties, setup guide ect... Maybe just display it somewhere .

I guess just writing the code w/o modifying the related UI - is not enough... :P

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Yes (as I understood - it's all global and automatic now). Though personally I would like to have some global control over it, it IS one less item to bother the simple user with...

May be a global setting with default - 0 (=auto) can be best.

btw, people do report on problems of low UL speed in the 2.2 thread... so I guess alus might have still some tuning to do :P

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Whether it's in normal settings or advanced settings, I don't care.

But I do care if it actually works.

I'm seeing too many upload connections running at <0.5 KB/sec, both from distant sources or even sometimes from my end. This is often caused by uTorrent's behavior rather than ISP throttling.

Torrent priority probably should affect it -- no point giving a torrent set to "LOW" a lot of upload slots while one set to "HIGH" also has lots of peers you could upload to.

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Well, we can discuss/re-test seeding after the UI/setting for the new chocker will be revised to set a global max.

On the main issue - PMTUD - here is another test:

- My MTU was set to 1392 (on my PC/NICs)

- seeding 1 torrent in uTP/ V2.2

-uploading to 3-5 peers (mostly v2.04 peers)

expected result - un-fragmented packets of size a bit below my set MTU

Result: packet size reaches 1402 (1410) and the DF flag is not set, showing - that packets are still being fragmented (my guess: 1402 + 42 = 1444 ...)

On some peers - the size did drop to ~762 (not-frequented). But - 2 packets of 700 + 700 are like 1400 + 40 as far as PPS goes....

So, I guess they should all be decremented and by smaller steps/decrements. When you did this simple sanity test, what were your results ?

screens: http://img841.imageshack.us/g/42821809.png/

capture: http://www.mediafire.com/?4llfbuzxurdyu1y

My conclusion - it is broken...

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One more test:

This one starts with a single torrent with 5K/10K/20K/25K/30K upload limit. It continues for ~10 hours with the 25K limit. Using uTP + TCP.

On the way - RSS added two more downloads, that had about 2.hours download and 1.5 hours seeding each ... ;)



Full log (16M, sorry, 400M unzipped):


Bottom lines:

1. # of slots are (with 1 torrent):

- ~9 @ 5K

- ~8 @ 10K

- ~11 @ 20K

- ~8 @ 25K

- ~4 @ 30K

Peers-connections are having 0.6-3K speed when speed is <25K - too low speed/slot , and too many slots/UL speed.

I think there should be a set limit of >4-5K/slot and >3-4 slots / torrent. Also 0 the actual UL limit should be taken into account!

2. The is a strange drop every 5 minutes, with retransmit overhead. You should find the cause of this (not sure if it is the choker itself)

3. Totals are good here:

1.03G uploaded, 2.18G (= 3.22G) downloaded - Data pnly

1.1G uploaded , 2.3G (= 3.50G) downloaded - Data+ overhead (traffic cap)

~10% overhead

So, tuning 1 , and finding the cause for 2 will do nicely for a release of a good and easy to use choker :)

Other tests @ a connection with higher speed are desired.

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