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Uttorent 2.2beta proxy issues 22007


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Every time I enter a proxy

ie: select socks5 , ip , port and press apply

Utorrent locks up completely and have to task manager kill it then in user / app data / utorrent delete this folder and either restart the pc or if lucky restart utorrent that would show default settings and try to set my options again.

This happens with any ip / port selection I tried.

IE: proxy is useless in this build for me.

Speed limit problem:

There should be a any connection bandwidth speed limit so global speeds = 14 up and 250 down where now if UTP speed lmit is set I can download at 6kb/s and uploads runs at 70kb/s = isp lock my internet and have to call them to fix it :(

All speed limits off ie overhead / utp and speeds limit set to up 14 / down 250 all speeds goes insane and no speed limit is working ????

Setting it for each torrent on torrent properties is useless and does nothing in this build.

This causes ISP connection lock and phone calls + irritation.

Thanks for adding the disable ugly vuze Apple crap "show category list F7" crap.

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