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I want to install new system ,will I lost my torrents

Mr Longman

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I want to install a fresh copy of my operating system (Windows XP) .

The problem is I'm downloading some torrents. So I'm wandering if I can continue downloading the files from or it will download from the beginning .

And how to achieve it ?

I'm sorry if my English is so bad . I'm not a native English speaker .

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But what do you mean by "%appdata%\utorrent"

Start - run - %appdata%\utorrent

Oops, I became more confusing. In this directory I found the torrents which I have used and some .old and .dat files .

Do you mean that I should copy this files again when installing the fresh copy of OS into this directory and assign Preferences > Directories (in µT) to the torrents containing folder ?

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By default the .torrent files are stored by µT in %appdata%\utorrent, but that's not the case if you set different folders in Preferences > Directories.

So back up the ENTIRE folder %appdata%\utorrent (it's necessary because this folder contains your torrent history and settings) and eventually the folders you have defined in Preferences > Directories.

Then when you will have installed µT on you fresh XP, erase the new %appdata%\utorrent freshly created by the old one. That's all.

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