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Tracker bug! Why your stats aren't updating automatically


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I'm a member of the Pornbay.com site. The message below was posted by one of the moderators from there. I have his permission to publish it in here. Hopefully, we could find here a very good coder to solve the problem below.

With kind regards,


Tracker bug! Why your stats aren't updating correctly.

Ok, It's getting a bit cumbersome to answer this question in my PM's and in the forums over and over, so I am posting an announcement here so that staff can just link here. There are several threads addressing this bug problem. However, none of them are as clear as I have posted below. I hope that by placing this information here, that when members do a forum search that this post will be easy to find.

Muck79 wrote:

Hi, I got a problem with my upload level not updating to what i should be at.

To get my ratio up to a good level I uploaded a porno to day and it reads in my client utorrent 2.0.2 that my ratio on that porno should have given me 1,11 GB extra for my upload level, but it still reads 159.57 MB after almost 6h now.

I have as I wrote utorrent 2.0.2 as a client and I followed the uploading guide how to make a torrent and then upload it and my port is set at 80 and is reading fine in my client.

So any help would be great so that I get my ratio up as it should be.

Edit/ I have notis that when I do the test where you set your Port some of my uploaded get registered here, but not all off it that I should have goten.

Ok, first if possible you should use a recommended port between 49152 through 65535. Port 80 may work, and is likely open on your firewall, but it is the port that your browser uses and may cause clonflicts. I have in the past, had users who were not in control of their firewall use port 80 to get around administrator blocking. But if you have access you should change your port. This has nothing to do with the error you have, just thought I'd mention this.

Second, the tracker has a bug. From your discription it sounds like you are experiencing the bug.

The bug behaves in the following way:

1) It prevents or delays your torrent from showing as a seeder in your profile, in the torrent search list, and on your torrent details page.

2) it prevents or delays your torrent from showing as a leecher in your profile, in the torrent search list and on your torrent details page.

In both cases, the bug causes the tracker to behave as though it is offline. Your client will show no error. In fact, your client will indicate that the tracker is "working". It will show a good connection and will even be seeding or leeching to other peers. However, even though your client may indicate that you have seeded or leeched data, when it attempts to update the tracker, just as when the tracker is offline it will fail to update properly since the tracker does not see you as connected.

Now in some cases, after several failed autoupdates, the tracker will recognize you as a seeder or leecher and update your stats just as it would after being offline. You will know when this has happened, because the tracker will list you as seeding or leeching in your profile, on the search list, and on the torrent details page.

Now autoupdates happen about once every 30 minutes. This means, if nothing is done, it can take several hours to be seen by the tracker. In fact, it is possible to download, and seedback an entire torrent without ever updating properly. For those of you leeching, this may be to your advantage. But for the members who are trying to seed and or upload, this causes a significant issue and frustration as until the data is updated and actually seen by the tracker, it doesn't count towards your stats. This is why we hear the most complaints and questions from uploaders and seeders who do not understand why their ratio is not improving, when they have done everything correctly. And they are also confused as to why, when they have done everything correctly, they are not being seen by the tracker. It's frustrating and that's an understatement.

Currently, there is no quick fix nor magic work around that works 100% of the time. However, you can increase the number of updates your client attempts to make by manually updating until you are actually seen by the tracker. Once this happens, your stats will be updated normally and the data that has been unable to be updated will be added to your profile just as it would if the tracker had been offline. This may take more than one try, in fact, it can take several, and can take several minutes as you can only manually update about once per minute.

The best method is as follows:

After you have created your torrrent profile page and or selected your torrent of choice for seeding and or leeching.

1) Start your torrent.

2) Refresh your browser and check your profile to see if your torrent is listed as seeding and or leeching. It's important to refresh your browser everytime you check.

3) If your torrent is not listed in your profile, manually update it and repeat step 2.

4) If your torrent appears in your profile you are seen by the tracker and your data will be updated.

Why is this important?

It is important for the following reasons. Just as when the tracker is offline. If you have seeded a significant amount of data and stop your torrent before it has been updated, all the data you have seeded and or leeched will be lost and not added to your profile stats. For some users with fast connections, this can mean that gigs of upload can be lost and never added to your stats and count towards your ratio.

For members who are in leechwarning it is important because if the tracker doesn't update your seeding efforts, it's possible you may be disabled even though you have seeded enough to raise your ratio above 0.300. If the tracker doesn't update properly, your efforts will not be counted. This is why, if you have torrents that are seeding, and or partial seeding (seeding while in leech mode) and or leeching that you make the effort to make sure that the tracker sees your torrent in your profile.

Now, before you ask, we are trying to fix the bug. However, Master does not have the coding skills to correct a bug of this kind. And after 6 months of promises from our volunteer coders who either failed to fix the problem or flaked on us after weeks of promises, we are back to square one and looking for another coder who can help. So while we consider this bug a major priority and are attempting to fix it, we currently have no coders with the skills to actually address the problem. So we are basically back to looking for a coder who can help us. This means it may be awhile before we can actually fix the problem.


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I'm a member of the Pornbay.com site. The message below was posted by one of the moderators from there. I have his permission to publish it in here. Hopefully, we could find here a very good coder to solve the problem below.

Thanks for trying to help us astria. A quick correction, it's http://pornbay.org. Not .com.

Just wanted to update and say this problem has been resolved. It was because the max peers for the tracker was set too low. As we grew we didn't increase the max peers allowed fast enough. So the tracker often wouldn't see you as a peer. Now we just gotta deal with the larger server load. Especially since PTNA and EMP shut their doors. If it's not one thing it's another. :P


Admin @ pornbay.org

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