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uTorrent kills internet connection


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I saw a similar topic, but in that topic they said their connection comes back on. However, most of the time my connection won't come back on unless I power down my modem for bit. It only happens when using uTorrent for a while, though I couldn't say for sure how long it takes to happen.

I found this error several times in my Event Viewer:

"TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts."

Also several of these errors listed as DHCP errors:

"the IP address lease has been denied by the DHCP server"

"your computer was not able to renew it's address from the network"

"your computer has lost the lease to it's IP address"

I run Windows XP SP 3 and I've seen the problems with the TCP/IP, but I'm too afraid to try anything to fix it. Could the problem with TCP/IP be what's causing my connection to stop?

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