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No "Network OK" or "NAT Error"


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1. I have neither a "Network OK" or "NAT Error" message

2. I have about 1.2 mb/s cable connection.

3. I'm using Windows XP Home with SP2. My network device is a Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller with drivers version .

4. I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite and it acts as my firewall. I also have a Motorola WR850G router (this machine is wired, other comps are wireless).

5. I have successfully port forwarded. I had a NAT Error message. Then I forwarded the ports and now there's not "NAT Error" message, but also no "Network OK" message.

6. I use Comcast cable internet. I am not aware of any "malicious traffic shaping."

Thanks so much!


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I m having a similar problem with 1.5

the network icon turn from green to yellow and then comes back to green after few seconds. then go back to yellow LOL :funny: without a torrent is downloading

I m 100% sure the utorrent network works fine on my pc because I tested the port with live torrents and the network icon is green all time, moreover, I tested it with the speed guide and its OK both UDP and TCP is OK.

I think its an Icon bug

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