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Option to save location and torrent files which current downloading


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e.g like in windows live or firefox favourites or even like internet explorer favourite.

now to explain what i mean.

when i am downloading the torrent file, rather than save to my regualra location, i open it without saving it first. so it open in utorrent directly.

i am it save to the location i am put in the option, but sometimes it dont remove from the unfinished location to finished location and sometimes it keep a duplicate in both folders, which is a headache to remember what i have done and what i still have to do.


well when my windows crashes , or when i reinstall my windows, this issues arises.

i manually have to click on each torrent and click on the folders where the files are. sometimes not on the same folders as i am seeding from couples of different folders. (eg. english movies, asian movies, music and so on).

so if we can have a export and import option to export all the files currently downloading in the utorrent with the option of where it is seeding and downloading the files location.

so when i import the list, it similarly open and save in that location and do the hash as it required, rather than i define for each files over again.

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