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peaks and valleys


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Ok, so.... In the last couple days, I've noticed that utorrent seems to cause the internet connection to die off in the house. I'll turn utorrent on and download at my maximum speed and then it seems like ever 20-30 seconds the internet in the house dies. I notice that my computer has to reconnect to the router and once that's finished the download will resume at max speed. It creates a sort of peaks and valleys line on the speed graph. I'm using a wireless G router that's around 3 or 4 years old. Sometimes the internet connection wont automatically resume and I'll have to pull the power cord from only the router or sometimes I'll have to pull the power cord from both the router and the cable modem. Unplugging the power and then plugging it back in always allows the router/modem to reset and it resumes normally.

Could this be a sign that I should consider purchasing a new router or maybe something in the settings that changed by accident? This problem didn't exist until the last few days. I used to be able to download at around 1025 kb/s and keep it constant until I turned utorrent off. Now I'll keep over 1000kb/s and then 30 seconds later connection drops and it'll resume after a few seconds. Any ideas?

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