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Strange speed problem?


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Hi, this seams to happen a lot to me and i'm not sure why, it happens most on large torrents..

But anyway..

When I start a torrent it goes fast for a fair amount of time (150-250kbps), maybe 5 or so minuets, but then slows down to 3-10kbps.. and stays at that.. this torrent in particular only has 10 peers, 7 of which are seeders at 100%

I haven't limited my upload speed but that never seams to go above 20ish kbps so there isn't much I can do to help my ratio if that is the problem..

Another thing is, if I stop the torrent, then start it again, it instantly does the same, goes fast for a few minuets then slows down again.. and I can keep repeating this and it will stay fast :S

(Not sure if this is relevant to the problem, but some background information..

My network is "Ok"

I'm pretty sure the port I use is forwarded

and I can often get speeds of up to 800-900kbps)

Thanks :)

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You're thoroughly screwed...they've had a very bad history of disrupting and throttling BitTorrent traffic. You could search the forums for TalkTalk and find many sad, unsolvable tales from other people on TalkTalk.

Best bet, try 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd links in my signature.

Or if you feel like throwing money at the problem -- do some research on ISPs in your area and switch if you can. :(

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haha, thanks :P

I know they have well.. a crap reputation.. but for me they've been really good!

At the moment I have two torrents going, and combined my download speed is staying between 700-900kbps, and it's peak time too :)

(we are quoted "up to 8 mbits" so that's pretty good?)

Smaller torrents, (under 1gb) with alot of seeds usually run fine and don't stop.. its just the larger torrents usually do what I was explaining above..

It's just strange that when I stop and start them again they go fast for a few minuets!

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DPI equipment doesn't always "catch on" immediately, it has to build up a history over a couple minutes to make flow patterns. Unless of course you're doing things "in the clear" -- then it can be nearly instant.

Do note what your upload speed is doing. An ISP that throttles only BitTorrent uploads can still reduce download speeds immensely as an indirect result, though you'd only really see it on poorly seeded torrents.

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