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Whats the point of having a feature that doesnt really do what it says


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I was just reading an answer to a question I asked on here about the "use proxy for peer to peer connections" which was a good answer that basically explained that uTorrent only sends TCP traffic thru the specified proxy but NOT UDP (or something like this, I am not an expert on networking by any means).

As a straighforward user, I was very keen to see that this checkbox was there, it made me think that so long as I found and chose a working proxy (standard http open proxy server) it would indeed use this for the actual p2p connections in the swarm.

So if this is not the case, as mentioned above, whats the point of putting it there??, it only confuses users into thinking that it is a far better client for using a proxy to hide an IP address from the swarm.

Fortunately I normally use a good VPN service but there are times when I thought that it might be ok to use a simple proxy because of this supposed feature. Many bt clients have the "connect to tracker thru proxy" feature but uTorrent clearly has a checkbox for the p2p connections, whats the point of this??????????

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